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 Request to join:donrobbery

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PostSubject: Request to join:donrobbery   Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:23 pm

The Imperial Syndicate Forces Application
Who referred you:Vagabond
Who were the Recruitment Officers you were handled by:
Main Character:donrobbery - Main account
Other Main Characters:T'Kalii - Second account
Total Number of Accounts: 2
Real Life Age:29
First Name (What to Call You):Don
Time Zone: NZ (New Zealand) UTC +12
Have you ever bought or Sold Characters? if so please list the characters: N/A
Are you the original owner of the current Characters you are enrolling in TISF? If not please link the thread of the Purchase: Yes
Killboard Link: (Required for PVP Characters)
[Fill this in For each main Character Per account]

Eve Character SP: 9,733,835
Eve Character Specialization: Indy

Eve Character SP: 8,868,985
Eve Character Specialization: PvP

You hereby state that you understand that TISF operates with Teamspeak3 and you must own a working Mic and are able to listen and in addition to that you understand that you are required to be on Teamspeak3 whenever you are logged into Eve-Online (unless you are skill changing or something short): Yes
Notable Ships You Can Pilot/ Own:

Orca, Drake T2 fit, Caracal T2 fit, Badger Mk II, Rupture

Hulk T2 fit, Hoarder

Notable Killboard Links [For PvP'ers]: - not much there tho Smile

More about yourself, Why you want to join, What you feel you can bring to TISF and what we can bring to you:

29 Year old Network Engineer for civil aviation company in New Zealand. Engaged with wedding booked for 31st Dec 2010, my fiance is soo beautiful and her two kids are just awesome. I love them all so much.

I believe in teamwork to accomplish common goals, free speech without the worry of being called an idiot (not that I'm an idiot Smile )
High-sec in EVE is too disorganised, no common goals etc, we managed to get some organisation within Final industries, however lack of access to some materials resulted in less that optimal production. I think TISF I believe can bring a sense of order with us working together to achieve what ever we like.
In a few sentence please tell us what attributes you believe you have which should qualify you to be a member of TISF

The best attribute I could bring to TISF is teamwork, without this no organisation can survive whether it be RL or EVE. I can organise and throw out ideas for which can be built upon, used or not.... I am always looking for ways to improve everyones experience.

I can help in contributing ore for corp builds (stations etc) PvP whilst still learning how this works but most of all my fun nature, I love to joke around and have fun with people, EVE after-all is made all the better when playing with like people.

Confirm Code: இ
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Request to join:donrobbery
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