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 Request to join: Kapoios

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PostSubject: Request to join: Kapoios   Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:51 am

The Imperial Syndicate Forces Application
Who referred you: vagabond
Who were the Recruitment Officers you were handled by: N/A
Main Character: Kapoios
Other Main Characters: N/A
Total Number of Accounts: 1
Real Life Age: 18
First Name (What to Call You): Just Kap is enough.
Time Zone: GMT+2
Have you ever bought or Sold Characters? if so please list the characters: No
Are you the original owner of the current Characters you are enrolling in TISF?: Yes
If not please link the thread of the Purchase: N/A
Killboard Link: (Required for PVP Characters)
[Fill this in For each main Character Per account]
Eve Character SP: 33,569,305+
Eve Character Specialization: Jack of all trades, master of none. Skills on T1/2 hybrids, T2 drones, T1 missiles and T1 projectiles. T2 tanking both shield and armor. Lvl 5 at all exploring skills. Moderate to high industrial skills (harvesting/refining/manufacturing/researching/PI/Access to multiple R&D agents coming soon) Can fly gallente, minmatar and caldari ships. (to some extent)
You hereby state that you understand that TISF operates with Teamspeak3 and you must own a working Mic and are able to listen and in addition to that you understand that you are required to be on Teamspeak3 whenever you are logged into Eve-Online (unless you are skill changing or something short): Yes, i guess.
Notable Ships You Can Pilot/ Own: Hulk, gallente interceptors, ACs, HACs, Cov Ops(both recon and bomber(torpedoes coming soon))
Notable Killboard Links [For PvP'ers]: N/A
More about yourself, Why you want to join, What you feel you can bring to TISF and what we can bring to you: I am more of an industrial type. Although i would like to pvp, i'm a total noob to it.I'd like to experience everything eve has to offer. For TISF i could mine (couldn't afford a hulk at the time of this post though), set up PI, manufacture T1 items(might expand to T2 one day), join pve/pvp ops (never done fleet pvp before though so you'll have to excuse my noobiness). Forever poor, Looking for having fun with other people (else i'd be playing SP games now). Account is 3 years old but it's been active half that time.
In a few sentence please tell us what attributes you believe you have which should qualify you to be a member of TISF: N/A
Confirm Code:இ
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Request to join: Kapoios
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