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 Request to join:NaKlHaunter

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PostSubject: Request to join:NaKlHaunter   Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:45 am

The Imperial Syndicate Forces Application
Who referred you:vagabond
Who were the Recruitment Officers you were handled by:
Main Character:NaKlHaunter - Main account
Toon: Emma Green
Other Main Characters:Snofru78 - Second account
Total Number of Accounts:2
Real Life Age:21
First Name (What to Call You):Thomas
Time Zone:Denmark: time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Have you ever bought or Sold Characters? if so please list the characters:Yes Bought Player: Emma Green (Note Low Sec Status -7.19)
Are you the original owner of the current Characters you are enrolling in TISF? If not please link the thread of the Purchase: Yes
Killboard Link: (Required for PVP Characters)
[Fill this in For each main Character Per account]
Eve Character SP:18.010.700
Eve Character Specialization:PvP-PvE-Indy

Emma Green
Eve Character SP:56.990.270
Eve Character Specialization: PvP-PvE

Eve Character SP:7.731.870
Eve Character Specialization:Indy
You hereby state that you understand that TISF operates with Teamspeak3 and you must own a working Mic and are able to listen and in addition to that you understand that you are required to be on Teamspeak3 whenever you are logged into Eve-Online (unless you are skill changing or something short): [Yes/No] Yes
Notable Ships You Can Pilot/ Own:
Legion,Harbinger,Retribution/Vengeance,Crusader/Malediction,Covetor to Mackinaw,Amarr BS 5, owner of a Archon and a Revelation.

Emma Green: Ships she can fly, Hope it's okay with that Neutral

Orca,Obelisk,Iteron Mark V,
Notable Killboard Links [For PvP'ers]: Emma Green got one, but like said i just got this toon, so it's not my kills.
More about yourself, Why you want to join, What you feel you can bring to TISF and what we can bring to you: want to join do to, that i the last few Corporations i was in they say we are going null, but nothing happens. then final gave me the chance, to app for it, and here i am. Other then that im taking a Agricultural line, and are ATM in school.
I hope that i can bring the crop in with a fulltime Indy play, and 2 PvP/PvE player, to suport the team in fight, 1 capital pilots atm, if so wanted. The only thing i hope to get from the corp, is a good time with all
In a few sentence please tell us what attributes you believe you have which should qualify you to be a member of TISF
1 fulltime indy player, 2 PvP/PvE player, Emma Green is a Logistic with skills to fly Nyx might trin for the Archon to, NaKlHaunter, "Dread pilot" note need few skills, to take it for fights. I have time "after school" to play, and are a aktiv player, but i need to relax to make homework Crying or Very sad
Confirm Code:இ
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Request to join:NaKlHaunter
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