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 Request to Join - Keenandonia

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PostSubject: Request to Join - Keenandonia   Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:52 am

The Imperial Syndicate Forces Application
Who referred you: Vagabond
Who were the Recruitment Officers you were handled by:
Main Character: Keenandonia
Other Main Characters: Kiran Donia & Kelban DOnia
Total Number of Accounts: 3
Real Life Age: 32
First Name (What to Call You): Andrew
Time Zone: Eastern (Eve -4)
Have you ever bought or Sold Characters? if so please list the characters: No
Are you the original owner of the current Characters you are enrolling in TISF? If not please link the thread of the Purchase: Yes
Killboard Link: (Required for PVP Characters) None
[Fill this in For each main Character Per account]

Eve Character SP: 8,129,917
Eve Character Specialization: Industry

Kelban Donia
Eve Character SP: 7,187,978
Eve Character Specialization: Industry/Combat

Kiran Donia
Eve Character SP: 5,363,195
Eve Character Specialization: Industry

You hereby state that you understand that TISF operates with Teamspeak3 and you must own a working Mic and are able to listen and in addition to that you understand that you are required to be on Teamspeak3 whenever you are logged into Eve-Online (unless you are skill changing or something short): [Yes/No] YES
Notable Ships You Can Pilot/ Own:

Keenandonia: Orca / Hulk / Rorqual (30 days)
Kelban Donia: Hulk / Obelisk / Gallente Stealth Bomber / Myrmidon
Kiran Donia: Hulk
Notable Killboard Links [For PvP'ers]: N/A
More about yourself, Why you want to join, What you feel you can bring to TISF and what we can bring to you:

I have been flying with a great group of people within Final Industries since I joined the game. We as a group and as individuals have been looking forward to having a greater impact in the game for a while now and are certain that this path is the right course for all of our success.

I have been a gamer for the vast majority of my life and I love the depth that Eve has to offer. Mining to me is akin to fishing when out with a good group of folks but I have also started to do missions and have found them to enjoyable as well. I am very curious to learn how to pvp in this game as well. I myself am prior service Army so I know how to work with a team and I have continued to develop this skill ever since. I have two Bachelor of Science degrees; one in Aviation Management and the other in Computer Information Technology. I am happily married and a father of a beautiful 17 month old daughter whom I look forward to gaming with when she gets older.

Keenandonia has been focused on group industry development and has trained Wing Command as well as Siege Warfare Specialist and Mining Director and can use T2 drones.
Kelban has been splitting skill time between industry and combat with a recent shift to focus more on combat now that he can fly the Hulk.
Kiran has been completely focused on industry training to include PI skill training and he should be able to use the top tier PI stations in a few weeks.

In a few sentence please tell us what attributes you believe you have which should qualify you to be a member of TISF

In a nutshell, I am a team player that is willing to put the needs of others before my own. I consider myself to be an active player which allows me to be a big contributor to the Corp/Alliance. I am a quick learner and usually only need to be shown how to do something once. I am not above positive criticism in fact I hope and expect to receive it while playing with knowledgeable pod pilots.

Confirm Code: இ
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Request to Join - Keenandonia
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