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 Aerona Takieone petition to join Imperial Syndicate Forces

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PostSubject: Aerona Takieone petition to join Imperial Syndicate Forces   Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:51 pm

The Imperial Syndicate Forces Application
Who referred you: Max78
Who were the Recruitment Officers you were handled by:
Main Character: Aerona Takieona
Other Main Characters: none
Total Number of Accounts: 1
Real Life Age: 26
First Name (What to Call You): Mike
Time Zone: CST
Have you ever bought or Sold Characters? if so please list the characters: No
Are you the original owner of the current Characters you are enrolling in TISF? If not please link the thread of the Purchase: Orignial Owner
Killboard Link: (Required for PVP Characters)
[Fill this in For each main Character Per account]
Eve Character SP: 58 million
Eve Character Specialization: Drones
You hereby state that you understand that TISF operates with Teamspeak3 and you must own a working Mic and are able to listen and in addition to that you understand that you are required to be on Teamspeak3 whenever you are logged into Eve-Online (unless you are skill changing or something short): [Yes/No] Yes
Notable Ships You Can Pilot/ Own: Carrier (level 5), Dreadnought, Marauder
Notable Killboard Links [For PvP'ers]:
More about yourself, Why you want to join, What you feel you can bring to TISF and what we can bring to you: Started to play again and only contact in EVE is Max78 and able to bring fleet support ability to mine to increase the assets of the corp.

In a few sentence please tell us what attributes you believe you have which should qualify you to be a member of TISF
- Willing to provide fleet support to pvp, pve and mining operations and willing to help wherever needed in the fleet.
Confirm Code: 'இ

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PostSubject: Re: Aerona Takieone petition to join Imperial Syndicate Forces   Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:56 pm

Old friend of mine. Good Pilot PvE will prolly have to slowly intro him to serious PvP but he learns fast!!!

But still needs correct confirm code

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Aerona Takieone petition to join Imperial Syndicate Forces
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