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 Corporation Rules - All new applicants read this First!

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Emperor Ryan

Emperor Ryan

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PostSubject: Corporation Rules - All new applicants read this First!   Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:33 am

Hello and Welcome,

1.) Members are expected to be on TS3/ventrilo, when they are online in Eve.

2.) Members are expected to be registered on TISF forum, and read it and contribute to it regualry.
2a.) Members are expected to read the Corporate and Alliance Bulletins (In-Game regularly)

3.) Members are free to further their own goals, but are expected to help as much as posible to further the goals of TISF.

4.) Members who are industry based are expected to join corp mining ops.

5.) Members are expected to join Call to arms (CTA)

6.) If members are not used to PvP and want to learn they are expected to join TISF PvP traning.

7.) Members are not allowed to spread any TISF information, to non TISF members, and will be kicked from TISF if they do.

8.) Members are to have fun, it's the goal of the game and we are all here to make it happen!

9.) All applicants are required to put an 'இ' At the end of their Application on the 'Code' section to confirm they have read the Corporation Rules.
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Corporation Rules - All new applicants read this First!
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